A few tips for activities.

Hörnebo Skiffergruva
(slate mine) is said to be one of Sweden's prettiest quarries.
Slate was mined here and used mostly for roofs during the middle of the 19th century.
(ca 30 km)

Skurugata has often been called Northern Swedens classical natural landmark. Skurugata is an approximately 800 meter long fault fissuer. It is between 7 and 24 meters wide and you may feel very small looking up at the 56 meter high vertical walls above your head.

Skuruhatt is one of Småland´s highest points (337 meter above the see level) with a marvelous panorama view over the surroundings. Here is also a stone monument of Albert Engström to be found. Albert often played in Skurugata as a kid, and for him, the area was equal to Småland.
(ca 55 km)

The Kleva Mine
In 1691, a poor parish clerk from Alseda found a lump of ore on the Kleva mountain. This, which was at first believed to be gold, turned out to be copper ore, and, together with nickel, was then mined here. Follow the winding passages deep down in the mountain to the Great Mine Lake, shimmering in green, and find yourself transported to past centuries. Experience the severe conditions of the miners, feel the bone-chilling cold, and see the glimmering walls in the faint light that trickles down the mineshaft.
(ca 30 km)

Vänhems Adventure-golf
Smålands first adventurecourse in Korsberga.
12 hole course exotically garden whith a waterfall and green plants.
Tel: 0383-20411.
Vetlandavägen 45 KORSBERGA
(ca 4 km)

Astrid Lindgrens World in Vimmerby
When you bring the children to Astrid Lindgren's World, that is just what you will find and enjoy. This is where all her stories come true. The settings are just as they are in the Astrid Lindgren children’s' stories about Pippi, Emil, the children in the village of Bullerbyn and all the other characters which have made her one of the world’s best-loved authors. Visit Villekulla Cottage, Katthult, Bullerbyn and many other settings made famous through her books. (ca 85 km)

Zipline Little Rock Lake -

A treetop adventure in the deep forests of Småland in southern Sweden. Unique experience in the backwoods of Småland

The Zipline is the longest canopy adventure in Northern Europe and an excellent way to experience the Swedish forests, lakes

and wildlife. Black zip takes about 2 hours and the Green-blue zip we call family-friendly takes about 1 hour.

(ca 13km)

Activities in the neighborhood:

Swimming (outside) - 4 km.

Bicycle for hire- in Ramkvilla 20 km

Fishing - in different lakes 4-6 km

Golf - Ramkvilla 20 km. Vetlanda 16 km

Canoe for hire - 16 km

Riding - 10 km i S. Solberga

Indoor pool- 16 km Vetlanda,

Adventure pool in Sävsjö 44 km, Växjö 68 km

Tennis - 10 km S.Solberga, 20 km Ramkvilla

Nearby to footpath's: "Vandringsleden - Höglandsleden - Vildmarksleden"